Welcome to OakBridge
Spring Update Notice

Dear Residents,

Now that spring is here we would like to remind all of you of things that need to be addressed:

The following items may be placed on your decks:

Electric grills only on the 2nd and 3rd floor. No gas grills are permitted.

Gas grills may be placed on the first floor patio, however it must be pulled out a full 10 feet during use. Residents are reminded that they need to attend to this grill while it is in the common area.

Patio furniture may be placed on the deck. Potted plants may be placed on the deck.

No items can be hung from, nailed to or affixed in any way to the deck or the siding of the building.

All winter items must be placed in storage or inside the condo.

No other items are to be stored on the deck or patio without board approval.

If you have any questions or need clarification please do not hesitate to email the Board.

Thank you.