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New Owners, Realtors, Landlords and Tenants

The following lists items that a landlord and tenant are responsible for as part of living in any condominium community. Realtors - it is your responsibility to inform all new owners of the following:

Realtor and Landlord Responsibilities

  • Give a copy of Assn. By Laws (4/1998) to new owner/tenant
  • Give a copy of Assn. Condo Rules to new owner/tenant
  • Fill out and return to management the Unit Info Form (Required Yearly or When Changes) and Unit Paperwork Directions
  • Read and give a copy of Assn. Move In-Out Policy and Fee to new owner/tenant
  • Make sure you request and give parking stickers to new owner/tenant
  • All pets (2 maximum) must be preapproved by Board BEFORE moving into community - NOTE banned dog breeds listed in Rules under House Pets
  • If renting, owner must fill out and return to property management the Lease Addendum for Renters form
  • If renting, owner's insurance is required Unit Owner Policy or HO6 Definition
  • Make sure new owner/tenant is aware of the Oak Bridge informational website (www.OakBridgeNH.org)
  • If renting, forward all emails from management to tenant
  • Do not forget the $100 move in fee and $100 move out fee effective 8/1/2015 (see Rule #39). Fees must be paid before parking stickers are given out.

New Owner/Tenant Responsibilities

  • Make sure you receive and read all above documents so you are aware of all of the community rules (It is the tenant's responsibility to read and follow all OakB community rules and policies.)
  • Place parking stickers on vehicles where indicated
  • Visit the Oak Bridge website and read all notices in the docs/info section (re: periodic emails blasts, pool, grills, decks, garage, etc.)
  • Make sure you get your pets (2 maximum) preapproved BEFORE moving into community
  • If renting, renter's insurance is highly recommended
  • Visit the Oak Bridge website and read the email section to keep up-to-date with the latest information