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Owners - Buildings 1 & 4

Dear Owners and Residents - Buildings 1 and 4,

Just like the toilets and water heaters, the radiant glass heater wall units in buildings 1 and 4 are getting old and bursting (makes a loud “pop” sound). The glass bursts and the heaters become non-functioning. This has happened to units in both buildings over the past few months.

R&T Electric was asked to quote replacement price. Each heater replacement will cost approximately $600-700 for exact type. If replacing with baseboard heaters, the cost is approximately $280 each.

If you are interested in signing up for a “group replacement”, please send an e-mail to our Oak Bridge account (OakBridgeNH@hotmail.com) R&T Electric can reduce the quoted price if enough owners sign up for replacement as a group purchase.