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Notice: Please be advised you are responsible for ALL who enter the club house under your fob.
If you lend out your fob or open the club house door to others, you are responsible for their actions and consequences.
Doing so violates Oak Bridge Rules and Regulations.
Evergreen Harvard Merger
Revisiting Your Commitment as a (HOA/Condo) Homeowner
Penacook/Concord Bus Schedule - Stops in Front of OakB
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Condo Rules 3/2016

Compliant Quick Reference Guide

Intercom User Instructions B2+B3 6/23/16

Garage + Deck/Patio Notice 8/26/14

Tank + Toilet Gasket Notice 8/13/14

Hot Water Tank Notice
(Bldgs 1+4) 2/6/14

Gas Grill Usage

Replacing Your Doors + Windows 10/23/13

Toilet Leaks 5/17/13

Bldg 1 & 4 Radiant Heaters 2/13/12

AC (main unit) Example w/Dimensions

AC (2nd unit) Installation Policy 6/19/08

Late Fee Policy 2/7/14

Delinquent Notice 5/13/14

Lien for Assessments - NH 356-B:46

Violation Incident Reporting Form

Brush Fire 4/16/12

New Parking Sticker Process

Parking Enforcement Notice
Effect on Oct 20, 2014

New Parking Process 2/18/2016

Parking Frequently Asked Questions

Towing Statute - NH 262:40-a

Concord Code Enforcement:
28-7-16 Parking + Storing of Unregistered Vehicles

----------Misc - Seasonal----------
Snow Removal - 2016-17

Spring Notice - 2014 + 2015


Pets Are a Privilege 3/6/14

Short Sale vs Foreclosure 3/25/12

Christmas Tree Disposal

Club House Hours

Club House Rules 8/3/12

Swimming Pool Rules 4/26/12

Hot Tub Rules 4/26/12

CDC: Swim Diapers & Swim Pants 4/4/14

CDC: Effects of Fecal Matter in Pools 4/4/14

Cleansing Shower 11/15/12

Reserving the Clubhouse 8/3/12

How to Log into Caliber - 2017

Unit Info Form - 2017
(Required Yearly or When Changes)

Lease Addendum for Renters Form

Certificate of Property Insurance

By Laws (4/1998)

Declaration (8/1986)

---------Insurance Docs---------

Effective Until 10/19/17:
Owner Insurance Policy

Effective 10/20/17:
Owner Insurance Policy

Insurance Claim Procedures 1/13/14

Insurance Garage Audit/CO2/
Hot Water Tanks 6/1/14

Insurance Audit Report 4/15/14

Unit Owner Policy or HO6 Definition


Recycling at Oak Bridge

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Save $$$

Concord's Pay-As-You-Throw

The Recycle Center at the Concord Transfer Station

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